Halloween -Can It Be Innocent Fun?

Halloween is a holiday sacred to Satanists. They claim it as their most sacred of all holidays. Why would a Christian be willing to have anything at all to do with a Satanic holiday? Some would answer, "it's just innocent fun."

It's not innocent. And as far as "fun" goes, fun is what brings most people into sin of any kind. "Fun" is a Satanic excuse to sin, any sin. Satan will approach you where you're weakest, but the temptation will usually be presented to your mind as fun, especially if it has anything to do with the occult. My occult involvement began with something far less "occult" than this. It almost killed me.

Here is the first of several clips I plan to post before Halloween. The speaker is Doc Marquis. It's an old clip so it's not the best quality, but I'm posting it because I'm familiar with Marquis's work. He grew up in the Illuminati. He knows about this kind of thing. He's the go-to man when you want to know anything on the Illuminati. 

Here's Doc Marquis:

 24 min