Life As We Know It Is Going To Change

The current administration in America is the most wicked that has ever occupied the White House, and I do not say that without reason. I'd just love to think that the government is looking out for our well-being and is acting in all integrity. But there have been far too many evidences of this being untrue, so many that if one were to place faith in this government one would have to take leave of their senses. We are being betrayed.

Here are the major events signalling we are turning a corner, crossing a line, moving into a new era. All of these took place in September of 2015, just before the final "blood moon." We need to be paying attention. Jesus harshly upbraided the religious leaders of the day because they didn't recognize the signs of the times. May we be alert and watch, so that we may recognize the signs that we are approaching the end of the age.

1. Jade Helm 2015. Many have seen the videos of the military equipment, tanks, humvees, all manner of them, even freezer cars, being transported in such numbers across our railroads and highways, that it defies common sense that the military would go to the extents that they have, and the tremendous expense, to amass all this armory for a two-month exercise. I've seen the casket liners and I know about the billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets the government has stored up. Just for exercises, of course. There are reports of FEMA camps for the "resistors," and huge underground tunnels - you wouldn't believe how long, actually traversing states. One notable detail: Jade Helm 2015 is said to have ended this year's exercise on September 15. Well where are the multitudes of tanks, humvees, freezer cars, and all that we saw --- no one has seen them going back to their place of origin. And that's scary.

2. This year is the Shmitah year. There is a Shmitah year every 7 years. There is plenty of information out there if you want to search and find out the why's and wherefore's about the Shmitah. Let's just note a few occurrences in previous Shmitah years.
* In 2001 the stock market crashed on the day of the Shmitah, which is Elul 29 on the Hebrew calendar. It was caused by the fallout from the destruction of the twin towers on September 11 of that year, but the crash came on the day of Shmitah.
* Seven years later takes us to 2008. On the day of the Shmitah that year, the stock market experienced its greatest crash in US history. Billions of dollars were lost. It caused the total wipe-out of many a person and a company as a result.
* Seven years later takes us to September 2015. With so many watching, there wasn't anything in particular to note on this date except for a gradual slide downward during the weeks leading up to the Shmitah. However, this story isn't over with yet. Too many other things are pointing to September of 2015, so we'll have to wait and see what's ahead.

3. September 2015 also begins Israel's 70th Jubilee year. The year of Jubilee comes once in 50 years. It mostly applies to Israel, but the fallout of what's coming will affect the whole world. This present Jubilee runs from September 23, 2015, to Yom Kippur, October 22, 2016. There will be war in which God will judge her enemies and restore to her more of her covenant land.

4. The years 2014-2015 have witnessed so far three out of the four "blood moon" lunar eclipses. The fourth is in September of this year. Not only are they total lunar eclipses, but each of them lands on a Biblical feast day, Passover of both years and Tabernacles of both years. There are no other lunar eclipses around these years, only these. Passover is the beginning of the religious New Year, and Tabernacles is the last.

"The sun shall be turned into darkness (solar eclipse)
and the moon into blood (lunar eclipse)
BEFORE the coming of the great and terrible Day of the Lord."
Joel 2:31

5. CERN is taking place. CERN is the most dangerous endeavor ever attempted in the history of mankind. Physicists have built the largest machine in the world, seventeen miles around and hundreds of feet underground. They are forcing collisions of atoms at incredibly high speeds, "to see what happens." Stephen Hawking who is a top physicist and some say the most brilliant man on earth, has warned them that what they are doing could blow up the planet. Another top physicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson has warned the same thing. CERN was fired up in April 2015, and the collision speeds have been increasing incrementally. There are reports that they have breached another "dimension." That means they've come in contact with entities not human. Men who know about these things, such as Steve Quayle and others, say that what they've done is to open "wormholes," or "black holes" through which these demonic entities are being released into our world. The Bible has prophesied that these things will happen in "the last days." What they're doing can cause great changes in the world, for example the "black matter" can have an effect on people's minds. The upsurge in violence both in beheadings taking place by terror groups and also the increase in violence in this country have coincided with the firing up of CERN. Also happening since CERN was fired up is an unprecedented upsurge in earthquakes and volcanoes. Some say all these could very well be caused by what CERN is doing.

6. The pope of Rome is suspected by many (even within the Catholic church) to be the last pope, the apostate pope who the Bible calls "the False Prophet." He wins the hearts of many by his "humility" and his care for the poor, then he introduces concepts into Catholicism that have never been since the beginning of the papacy. Rome owns a state-of-the-art telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona. The purpose of the telescope is to search for alien beings. The name of the telescope? "Lucifer." I know, incredible? Research it for yourself. The pope has been gradually introducing the subject to the people, saying things such as his pronouncement that he wouldn't have a problem with baptizing aliens. But it goes much deeper. What is called "disclosure" is coming. That's when governments release all their documents on UFO's. The story line is going to be heresy like you've never heard before. They are going to tell the world that the aliens have been here long before us, that they in fact "seeded" us, and that they're coming back into our world to save us from destroying ourselves. They are going to make people believe that the Bible is full of errors and that in fact they were the ones who created us, and that we're wrong about Jesus. Lies from hell, literally. The pope has said that when they are revealed, Catholics won't have to leave their faith "at first," but that doctrines will have to be re-examined in light of the information the aliens present.

7. The pope spoke in September in front of a joint session of Congress, and in front of the United Nations. There is far more to that than what we know, and we can be assured of that by all the celestial signs signaling what's going on now. As for the public events, there's what they say in speeches, and then there's what's going on behind closed doors. That these are pivotal events is certain. Speculation is that the UN is launching the New World Order, which will become the one-world government prophesied in the Bible. Also, we will soon see the UN declaration that Israel is occupying "Palestinian lands," and that will lead to all kinds of Satanic hell on earth. At the UN, the "Palestinian" flag was waving along with the flags of the member nations. Note: Israel's survival is guaranteed. America's isn't.

All this has coincided in September of 2015. Not some earlier and others later, no, it all has come together in September 2015 around the Biblical feasts. The pope entered the White House and met with Obama ...ON Yom Kippur!!!

You would be a fool to place your trust in the official statements of the US administration, for time and time and time again what they have said has proved out to be lies.

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Here is a chart, a timeline showing what will be taking place in September 2015.

September 2015