The Pope And September 2015

All converges in September 2015

It looks like the one-world global government foretold in the Bible is coming together. The agenda presented to the people will say that it's all about eliminating world hunger and bringing in peace. That, people, is the LIE that will be presented.

Indeed, what they don't tell you is that the UN Agenda 21 calls for ELIMINATING more than 6 billion people. THAT is how they plan to eradicate world hunger, by getting rid of the "useless eaters" who are consuming the earth's resources.

It's not about world hunger, nor is it about the "Green" movement. It's not about taking care of the planet. It's about control. It's about Satan arising in the person of the Antichrist to garner the people unto himself to worship him.

The pope of Rome who many, even among Catholics, believe to be the "False Prophet" foretold in the Bible, will play a huge part in this. He wins the hearts of the people with his "humility," and his love for the poor. And then he leads them right into the great Tribulation. The "prophecies of the popes," given by Saint Malachy centuries ago and generally accepted in Catholicism, clearly predict this.

It's all about deception. Be aware.

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