The Defiance Of The Rainbow

   Jonathan Cahn         <  3 minutes

"If a nation's high court should pass judgment on the Almighty, should you then be surprised if the Almighty should pass judgment on that court and that nation?"

"Every step that this culture takes to celebrate sin is matched by an equal step to vilify and persecute those who are of God."

"The highest house in the land, representing the American government was bathed in colors not of the American flag, but of another flag -one representing the celebration of what the Bible calls evil. It's a defiance - a war that used the rainbow, the very sign of God's covenant and mercy in the face of judgment -to desecrate his Name. It was a sign of desecration covering the White House."

"The president went down to the new tower that replaces the twin towers and wrote words on its highest beam which are the very words that led to the destruction of ancient northern Israel. The top of that tower at ground zero, just above those words, was also bathed in the colors of the rainbow. A tower of defiance."

"God is long-suffering and merciful, but God is not mocked."