Returning Combat Vets Have 30-60 Days To Get Out Of The Military

How's this for treason:  Combat vets have 30-60 days to get out!

Another "Executive Order"  - you know, his pen and his phone

Obama is reducing our military by 90,000 soldiers, and is actually giving out pink slips to some vets returning from combat, giving them 30 to 60 days to get out of the military, while putting ILLEGALS in the military!!!

Judge Jeanine Pirro speaks with retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West who tells us that first of all, it is a felony to arm an illegal with a firearm, and what Obama has done is given an unlawful order. Says Col West "He is outsourcing our national security."  ! ! !

WHY is America looking away as treason is taking place in the White House?

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